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A lawyer, a doctor, a veteranarian, a marine biologist, and a potter. Those are the professions that at some point in time in my life, I was certain I was going to be. Instead, I’m a photographer, a graphic designer, a mother, a wife, a US Navy Veteran and a cookie thief.

While photography is my passion, I’m also really good at keeping a poker face during rousing games of texas hold ’em and euchre. I’m probably one of the best bargain finders I know, so just let me know when you want to go shopping. When I’m not photographing or shopping, you can probably find me crafting and organizing; my house, my computer, my life. My husband can’t find the ketchup in the refrigerator if it weren’t for me.

Sometimes, just once in a blue moon, I’m not so awesome… I can’t seem to keep plants alive. Not even the ones that are supposed to grow back every year. I’m a hopeless cook. Aside from the “usual suspects” I can’t just look at the contents of our fridge and cupboard and throw a meal together. I leave that to my hubby. Cookies never turn out for me. I’m not sure what it is that I do, but they either turn out like flat pancakes or have burnt bottoms. Like I said. Hopeless. I have a weakness for collecting fonts. You say you do too?? I currently have 3,948 fonts. No lie. I also have a weakness for chocolate, coffee (the really GOOD but not-so-good for you kinds from those wonderful national chains) and I rarely ever manage to finish reading something that I’ve started — Harry Potter & Twilight not included.

Fun facts about me:

  1. I love the rain. Yep. You read that right. I think that I could live in Seattle happily, though it might make being a photographer a little more difficult. However, I REALLY love thunderstorms. I love to turn off all electronics and just sit, listen and watch storms. 
  2. I’ve traveled to 11 foreign countries (not including Canada, Mexico or the UP.)
  3. I played basketball for 7 years, yet I still couldn’t land a position in the WNBA.
  4. I’m married to a Brit. No royalty sadly, though I could be a dual passport carrying citizen if I wanted! (non-spy status of course)
  5. I turned 21 standing watch in aft steering aboard a US Naval Ship
  6. I’ve moved 13 times in my life.

When I’m not inevitably forgetting to remove my lens cap prior to the start of a session, I enjoy all the usual things like expanding my education in my trades, Pinterest, babies and children, (especially my amazing and beautiful children) going to the movies, traveling, science fiction and Disney Princesses just like everyone else.

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